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April 21, 2024

Emotions Charades Lesson Plan and Activity

CASEL Standards



Relationship Skills


Students are introduced to identifying and managing their emotions by participating in a charades activity, discussing emotions, and choosing behaviors.


Observation during the charades activity to assess students’ ability to identify and express different emotions. Observation of class and team discussion on choosing behaviors in response to different emotions

Completed Behavior Activity Worksheet

Lesson Key Points

Identifying and managing emotions builds self-awareness and self-management for healthy relationships and well-being

It is important to acknowledge and experience emotions, and these are both character strengths.

Group Activity

Set behavioral expectations for the work time, emphasizing active listening and respectful participation. Assign or allow students to pick the emotion they want to act out

When a student guesses an emotion correctly, teachers can pause to ask them how they recognized the emotion.


Provide examples of scenarios that evoke various emotions.

Lead a class discussion on how they might respond when they feel a certain emotion. Scaffold questioning from easy to hard, starting with basic emotions(e.g., happiness, sadness) and progressing to more complex ones (e.g., frustration, empathy).

Work Period

Students complete the Behavior Activity Worksheet. Students will list four emotions they commonly experience, and describe behaviors they can engage in when feeling those emotions. Teachers can have students work individually or in pairs/teams.

Students share one emotion they learned to identify and one behavior they can choose when experiencing that emotion

Access the downloadable Emotions Charades Lesson Plan and Activity here.

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