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May 15, 2024

End-Of-Year Reflection Collage Lesson Plan

CASEL Standards




Students will be able to use a growth mindset to reflect on the school year. Students will be able to showcase their self-awareness and personal development.


Collage completion

Inclusion of specific examples illustrating growth and improvement

Self-reflection write-up

Lesson Key Points

Understanding the concept of growth mindset and its impact on personal development

Reflecting on past challenges and the strategies used to promote self-awareness and empowerment


Growth Mindset: the belief that a person’s abilities can be improved through effort, learning, and persistence

Self-Awareness: the ability to recognize one’s strengths and challenges with a well-grounded sense of confidence and purpose


Ask students to think about a challenge they overcame during the school year. Define “growth mindset” and “self-awareness.” Address the misconception that abilities are fixed and cannot be improved.


Discuss the importance of self-awareness and reflecting on growth.

Ask students to think of 5-10 examples of personal growth that they experienced during the school year. Examples can come from school, sports, and extracurricular activities, as well as home, interactions with friends, etc. Provide students with one of the following examples:

  • I had a disagreement with a friend, but I learned how to compromise.
  • I struggled to transition from one activity to the next, but now I’m able to transition.
  • I did not know how to write an introductory sentence, but now I do.

Work Period

1) Students will create a collage based on their growth examples. Selecta media format or allow students to choose. If possible, provide an example.

Possible media formats:

  • Poster board with drawings, written text, printed pictures, etc.
  • Digital presentation in Google Slides, PowerPoint, Canva, etc.

Monitor student progress and offer feedback during the collage creation process to assess the their understanding and demonstration of a growth mindset.

2) Students will write a short summary or record an audio clip to accompany their collage. The summary should specifically state the growth mindset example they are most proud of in their collage.

3) Allow students to present their final collages and provide positive, peer-to-peer feedback with sticky notes (if using poster boards) or small sheets of paper that can be collected following each presentation.


Celebrate the students’ hard work, achievements, and progress throughout the school year. If time allows, encourage them to write letters to their future selves. Remind them that despite potential challenges next school year, a growth mindset will help them continue to learn and grow. Either save these letters to distribute next school year or allow students to keep them to read at the beginning of the next school year

Access the downloadable End-Of-Year Reflection Collages Lesson Plan here.

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