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Kristine Spindler Denton

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January 22, 2024

SMART Goals Lesson Plan and Activity

SEL Competencies



Responsible Decision-Making


Students are introduced to the idea of setting and completing goals using the SMART goals method. Students will identify a goal and break it down into the five SMART elements.


Completed SMART Goals Worksheet

Long-Term: Student progress toward achieving their goal


The teacher will ask the question, "what is something you want to accomplish this year?"

Allow students to discuss and introduce the concept of SMART goals. Inform students that creating SMART goals can help them achieve what they want to accomplish.


Go through the information in the SMART Goals information Sheet, providing examples for each SMART element. As you go through the information sheet, notice that more information is added to the goal with each component.

If time allows, encourage students to share their own examples.

Work Period

Students will complete the SMART Goals Worksheet. Students will breakdown their goal into specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound.


Ask students to share their SMART goals and identify each component.

Access the downloadable SMART Goals Lesson Plan, Information Sheet, and Goal-Setting Activity here.

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